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SAMBook™ Planners have the power of Sales Activity Management (SAM) built into it, a pragmatic strategy and best practice that has helped build more careers in the financial services industry than any other. They give you the Freedom to Succeed by helping YOU manage and measure the only thing under your control: Activity.

If you can find a more inspiring planner that helps you increase sales and sales activity more, buy it.

Set Goals…Keep Score,

Mickey Straub, President/ Founder/Inventor

2023 SAMBook Planner Announcement

Due to supply chain issues, all covers are now white on the inside and thinner, but the good news is they are stronger, more tear resistant. We were lucky and blessed to find a new printing company that was able to locate the paper, covers, wire binding, foil stamping, plastic, etc., plus produce all our custom planners and NOT raise prices! Thank you for your business and loving SAM Planners since 1995, and your patience as we deal with market challenges and improve quality control.

Merry Christmas, The SAM Team

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“Twenty-six (26) years ago, our founder set out to make a difference in the sales profession starting with the financial services industry by creating a Planner with a Purpose: To help Producers Succeed…and make this world a better place. Our mission continues with your purchase…THANK YOU!”