The SAM Podcast

Welcome to SAM’s 10 Minute Tuesdays

A weekly Message to Inspire & Educate the concepts of Activity Management by Mickey Straub and Joe Templin

In this inaugural podcast of SAM’s 10 Minute Tuesdays with Mickey Straub and Joe Templin they answer why this podcast was created, like:

  • Why is it important to receive tips and ideas in 10-minute chunks?
  • Why are they passionate about the insurance and financial services industry?
  • Why does this noble profession give unconditionally to each other?
  • Why it is paramount to constantly practice your trade?
  • Why you want to make “good use” of downtime?
  • Why is it important to be on a lifelong self-improvement course?

Their goal is to inspire and educate you with tips and ideas around the concept of Sales Activity Management. Mickey pioneered this company and industry to help agents/advisors succeed, promote American ideals and make this world a better place. Joe, who is a sought-after industry speaker and multi-year MDRT Qualifier, leaves you with two words to remember: Push Hard. Follow Sales Activity Management on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn @SalesActivityManagement Follow Joe Templin on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @JoeTemplin

Episode #19

The Secret of “How”

In this week’s episode, Mickey and Joe discuss the secret of “how” and how it is the secret of success. Because, if you don’t have a how you won’t finish, and if you don’t finish you don’t get paid. Having a plan that you can stick to, like the SAMBook® planner for Joe, are the things that differentiate between dreamers and successful entrepreneurs because they force you to do those daily things that are needed. Remember, only you have control of your activity, so take accountability and become the greatest champion.

Episode #18

Know Your “Why”

In this week’s episode Mickey and Joe discuss “If you don’t have a why, you won’t start. If you don’t have a how, you won’t finish.” They explain how you need both to achieve greatness in this Part 1 of 2 Part Series. Starting and finishing is necessary to achieve greatness and help people out. With so many distractions nowadays, they can easily get you off track but your why drives you on those bad days. Stay tuned for next week’s episode on The Secret of “How.”

Episode #17

The 4 Truisms of SAM Part 4 of 4

Mickey and Joe discuss how Time Management is a Misnomer. This truism is the foundation that Sales Activity Management started on. You cannot manage Time, only ACTIVITY, or how you SPEND it. That is why, when it comes to Sales . . . Time is Money! There are 86,400 seconds in a day. What are you doing with that time? Organize your time and focus on the most important activity.

Episode #16

The 4 Truisms of SAM Part 3 of 4

Mickey and Joe discuss how What Gets Measured Tends to Get Done. There is something about measurement and accountability that helps us all get more done…and get better. We live in a world where almost everything is measurable. The key thing is that you must measure and keep score to know what to change and ultimately improve. The SAMBook® Planner and SAM Suite can help you find those areas and improve.

Episode #15

The 4 Truisms of SAM Part 2 of 4

Mickey and Joe discuss how Quality Activities Produce Quality Results. This truism is about cause and effect and reinforces the reality that we reap what we sow, eventually. If you are putting garbage in then expect garbage out. Remember, you are only hurting yourself by performing this way so focus on the metrics by setting goals and keeping score.

Episode #14

The 4 Truisms of SAM Part 1 of 4

Mickey and Joe discuss how Sales is a Numbers Game. This concept was once limited to sales and sports but today it applies to just about every aspect of life. Not only should you make a certain number of sales or service calls per day but they should be an efficient and quality number of calls. These metrics (closing interviews, closing ratio and average case size) matter no matter where you are practicing activity management and remember, repetition is critical to be able to succeed. Go back to the basics of setting goals and keeping score and your business will prosper.

Episode #13

Eustress vs. Distress

Eustress is defined as a positive form of stress having a beneficial effect on health, motivation, performance and emotional well-being. Opposed to distress, which is defined as extreme anxiety, sorrow or pain. Which form of stress is prominent in your life while you are working towards your goal? Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and feel the eustress.

Episode #12

Benefits of Accountability

In this episode Mickey and Joe discuss the benefits of having an accountability partner to hold you accountable in your personal or work life. Whether it be a friend, family member, colleague or even your garbage man. Try and remember what you’ve used in the past that helped you hold yourself accountable, maybe you did something without even knowing it, and use this as your motivator. If you can’t think of any, Mickey and Joe share some recommendations on how to hold each other accountable and stay motivated. Find a support system, set a goal and set a consequence and do it every single day.

Episode #11