The SAM Podcast

Welcome to SAM’s 10 Minute Tuesdays

A weekly Message to Inspire & Educate the concepts of Activity Management by Mickey Straub and Joe Templin

In this inaugural podcast of SAM’s 10 Minute Tuesdays with Mickey Straub and Joe Templin they answer why this podcast was created, like:

  • Why is it important to receive tips and ideas in 10-minute chunks?
  • Why are they passionate about the insurance and financial services industry?
  • Why does this noble profession give unconditionally to each other?
  • Why it is paramount to constantly practice your trade?
  • Why you want to make “good use” of downtime?
  • Why is it important to be on a lifelong self-improvement course?

Their goal is to inspire and educate you with tips and ideas around the concept of Sales Activity Management. Mickey pioneered this company and industry to help agents/advisors succeed, promote American ideals and make this world a better place. Joe, who is a sought-after industry speaker and multi-year MDRT Qualifier, leaves you with two words to remember: Push Hard. Follow Sales Activity Management on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn @SalesActivityManagement Follow Joe Templin on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @JoeTemplin

Advisor Today

NAIFA's Chris Gandy Interviews Mickey Straub about the value of Activity Management

With 23 years of experience inspiring organizational success, Mickey provides the necessary resources to implement a goal-oriented, activity-based, and metric-driven performance management system. This system helps individuals and sales teams identify, manage, and measure high-payoff activities, enabling them to achieve their goals and steer their businesses in the right direction.