A Success Management Tool
for Sales Professionals, Managers & Teams

SAM Suite®

Win the Day™

The best way to spend time wisely and WIN THE NUMBERS GAME is to Set Goals & Keep Score. We didn’t make it up, we just made it easy!

You can try out the SAM Suite “limited” version for 21 days (containing 20% of the features) or transform your business with the all new “full” version (more motivational than ever…and available on Android) in 3 Easy Steps below:

Step 1. Select the Module that best fits your needs.

Step 2: Choose one of the 3 pre-set Activity Templates to get started easily (Click to view.)

Step 3: Invest and commit up-front (Annually) or invest as-you-build your business. (Monthly)

Scoreboard is a fit for numbers-driven sales metrics.
Pipeline is a fit for organizations focused on contacts.
The Bundle works for both kinds of sales environments.

Web & Mobile – IOS & Android


Scoreboard Module (Numbers-driven)

The ultimate performance measurement tool! Nickname: SAMBOARD ($200/User/Year)

Calendar/Pipeline Module (Names-driven)

The digital version of our paper SAM Planners Nickname: SAMBOOK App ($150/User/Year)

*SAM Suite Bundle (Numbers & Names-driven)

Combines of both Modules…into one platform!  ($300/User/Year)

Product Description

A unique Sales Tool for Recruiting, Onboarding, Productivity and Retention

SAM Suite is not a CRM, it’s an RPM . . . a Revenue Performance Management platform for Producers, Managers and Sales Teams…that helps you manage the Activities, Metrics and Goals (AMG) that drive performance.

Built by and for the financial services industry, this inspiring and empowering sales tool is feature-rich, synchronizes across phone and computer and is unlike any other product!

Sales Activity Management, Inc. is the only provider in the world of custom paper and digital Activity Management solutions to help sales professionals manage the activity and analytics that drive success. We pioneered this industry to empower Sales Professionals, promote American ideals and to make this world a better place.

How to use the SAM Suite?

Enables an Agent / Advisor to:

  • Get more done in less time
  • Take control of the direction of your business & achieve your goals
  • Be more focused and disciplined with Revenue-producing Activities
  • Turn your Business into a Mathematical Equation!

Enables an Agent / Leader to:

  • Manage performance 
  • Inspect what you expect 
  • Track Leading Indicators
  • Make smart business decisions
  • Establish consistent systems/expectations
  • Drive per advisor productivity and build a High-performance culture
  • Identify biggest restrictions to growth 
  • Develop your future Leaders!

Product Reviews

“Great product designed by an agent, for agents. Thank you, Mickey.”

– Alexander Gayton

“SAM Suite is an essential ingredient to leading a winning organization…and can impact recruiting, onboarding, productivity, and retention.”

– John Laurito

“You need to know your stats much like a professional athlete and SAM Suite is a great tool to help you get there.”

– Josh C.

“SAM Suite is an amazing tool, and it has been a dream come true to work with the SAM Team! Thanks to you and your team for the help in getting us going on the SAM system.”

– Darcy Johansen