A Success Management Tool

for Financial Services Professionals

Two (2) Gamification Modules:

SAM Suite®

(Manual Scorekeeping)

– The only Goal setting, Scoreboard, Analytics tool of-its-kind built by and for the financial services profession!

*Pricing = $200/User per Year (or $20/month)

SAM Suite Plus®

(Automatic Scorekeeping)

– Adds features like Pipeline Management, Calendaring and more!

*Pricing: $300/User per Year (or $30/month)

*Onboarding, Customization & SAM Services are extra.

Enterprise Licensing is also available for additional cost.

Step 1. Select which Module that best fits your goals.

Step 2: Choose one of the 3 pre-set Activity Templates to get started easily (Click to view.)

Step 3: Invest and commit up-front (Annually) or invest as-you-build your business. (Monthly)

SAM Suite® contains hundreds of features developed since 2002, some of which are highlighted below:
SAM Suite® helps you WIN the Numbers Game every day!