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The SAM Story

April 15, 1995

That’s the day Mickey Straub launched Sales Activity Management (SAM). The product itself had already been years in the making by that point. Company founder Mickey Straub used his years of experience as a federal agent and an insurance agent to create the tools and launch the company that would revolutionize an industry with one simple concept: You can’t manage time, only activity.

Industry leaders call Sales Activity Management the “MAGIC BULLET.”

We call it the most EMPOWERING concept in the world!

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President/Founder Mickey Straub with Jon O’Neil at the American National Conference.

Company History

SAM started out humbly: working out of Mickey’s basement, with only a simple dream to guide him. More than anything, Mickey wanted to share what he’d learned about what it takes to succeed with other producers and managers. It took a leap of faith to start Sales Activity Management at the height of his career, but faith is nothing new to Mickey. The principles that govern Sales Activity Management are biblical in nature, after all. A man reaps what he sows (Gal 6:7, NIV) is the basis for the whole concept of activity management. Activities produce results, and YOU control your activity; improve activity, and the results will absolutely follow.

The first SAM Planners had built-in sales tools and came in the form of a 3-ring binder—a great idea, but not the ideal execution. Mickey persevered, and in working with his first clients he found the ideal solution: a spiral-bound planner that was customized to their unique culture. Sales Activity Management sold 500 spiral-bound planners in the first six months, and continued to grow 40-50% annually in the years to follow. Today, SAM has sold well over 1 Million individual planners.

"Everything in life is about... ACTIVITY"

- Mickey Straub
Candidate of 82nd District for the Illinois House of Representatives Mickey Straub during a photograph session at his studio in Burr Ridge, Illinois, on January 9, 2018.
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SAM is built on one simple, yet EMPOWERING concept. You have the power to improve your sales. You reap what you sow. Sales activity will yield sales results, so simply improve activity and you’ll improve your results.

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The SAM family of products EQUIP agents and advisors with the tools they need to succeed. These tools are built by and for the financial services industry to make sure you’re able to manage the activity and analytics that drive success.

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Not just another company, SAM is here to ENRICH your life and inspire you to achieve new levels of success. Our tools are based in biblical principles and reflect patriotic, American ideals that you can be proud to support. 

A Best Practice used by Leaders to Build Careers…for decades!

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SAM can help you transform your business

…into a Mathematical Equation!

What can SAM do for you?

SAM takes a holistic approach and provides the resources needed to implement a goal, activity and metrics based performance management system to help individuals and sales teams…identify, manage and measure the high-payoff activities that help them achieve goals and control the direction of their business.

With SAM, Producers develop the right habits to build a successful career. Managers are better able to coach, lead and transfer their skills to build a high-performance culture. Enterprise Leaders are able to solve the consistency, language and distance challenges to build the right culture and support a remote field force.

Our resources include a combination of paper and digital solutions plus services. Each SAM Tool is customizable, interdependent and available separately, but work best together within The SAM System™: Collect—Analyze—Coach

What makes SAM unique?

Founded by an insurance agent, SAM started as many start-ups do . . . out of the basement of a house with a mission to “Make a difference”. Since 1995 SAM has empowered almost two million clients with this concept and strategy that inspires confidence and success and the tools that bring it to life.

SAM Tools and SAM Services (Training/Coaching/Consulting) are designed by and for the field and customizable for maximum impact on productivity, retention and culture. We pioneered this industry to make success available to everyone, to enrich lives, and promote American ideals. We also hope that our clients embrace this empowering concept and strategy, based on the Law of the Farmer (We reap what we sow.), in their personal lives to help make this world a better place.

“SAM Suite is an amazing tool, and it has been a dream come true to work with the SAM Team! Thanks to you and your team for the help in getting us going on the SAM system.”



Measuring business analytics is more important than ever! I have used Sales Activity Management systems for more than 25 years, and we taught thousands of producers to use them while I was the VP and CLO for Agency at the largest Mutual Life Insurer.”



SAM assisted us in empowering our advisors to control and manage their activity. The SAM Team is a tremendous resource to assist us all in becoming great leaders.”