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Our mission is to inspire confidence and success by providing the most effective activity management resources available anywhere.

SAMBOOK Planners

Designed to help producers Set Goals, Keep Score, Manage your Pipeline and Spend Time Wisely, we have…sold over 1.5 Million and many to choose from!

- The Planners with a Purpose -


Inspirational Books, etc.

Detailed information on BIG GOALS…Short Deadlines, Common Denominator of Success and the 10 Commitments of Successful Leadership, etc.

SAM Suite

This customizable Suite of Performance Measurement Tools has no equal! With two modules to choose from, it can help you spend time wisely and TRANSFORM GOALS into reality for 2020! (App & Web-based, Synchronizable and Scalable)

- Because…Sales is a Numbers Game -


Complimentary Resources

Due to supply chain logistics impacting all industries, the 2022 SAM Planner shipments have been delayed! Thank you for your patience!