Inspiring Success in this Noble Profession…since 1995

How do we Inspire Success?

By educating financial services professionals about an empowering concept and strategy (based on personal responsibility and biblical principles) that gives them the freedom and confidence to achieve their Goals . . . and by equipping them with the Success Management Tools that make it possible.

Sales Activity Management is a proven strategy built into all SAM Tools that has been helping build careers for decades and empowers you to control the direction of your business, make success a habit, and WIN the Numbers Game every day.

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Over 1.5 million SAM Tools purchased by Producers, Firms and Home Offices.

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Our Mission

Inspire and empower clients to WIN the Day . . . Everyday.

Why SAM?

Sales Activity Management is a strategy for success used by financial services icons to build more careers than any other best practice. Founded by an insurance agent in 1995, Mickey Straub launched the company out of his basement with a mission to make a difference in this noble profession and ended up naming and pioneering an entire industry by the same name.

SAM has inspired hundreds of thousands of financial services professionals to be more focused, organized and disciplined, plus achieve more and regret less. And managers are able to coach better, as well as develop, empower, lead, and build a positive, high-performance culture.

We recently changed our name to SAMUSA to reflect our patriotic roots and belief in the power of freedom and personal responsibility, and the impact that activity management can make on one’s life and career.

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