SUCCESS STORIES | Sales Activity Management

The SAM System allows for fundamental change within your organization. Our clients love the results they get from using the SAM system. Take a look at what they have to say...

"We frequently have conversations with agency leaders interested in moving from a “personality based” to a 'systems based' business model. All agency leaders must identify formulas which drive success, and quickly address the issues and obstacles financial professionals face. Many of these issues can be addressed not just by "activity", but by engaging in the right kind of activity. Whether agency leaders use the planners or online resources, SAM tools make the job easier. The SAM people are courteous, knowledgeable, they listen to the needs of their customers, and they’re always ready to help."

-Bryan Todd
Field Director, Education & Development
OneAmerica Financial Partners

"As a CDM, there are many key areas that you have to focus on to be successful. One crucial piece is getting new advisors off to a fast start. Having a tool that show's the new advisor exactly what levels of activity it takes to be successful, and then measuring themselves against that, is vital to them developing the right habits. eScoreboard is easy to use for both the advisors and the management team, which allows us to focus more of our efforts on recruiting, training and joint work. The system truly helps advisors to hold themselves accountable and to see themselves as serious small business owners. eScoreboard made my growth and development into a General Agent much easier."

-William E. "Joe" Counts
Common Wealth Planning GLIC

“We are fortunate to have a set of tools that helps hold producers accountable to being productive and not just busy. The ability to customize the fields in the eScoreBoard module has been critical for us as our agency uses unique activity management terminology. Having a web-based tool also helps us engage our more tech-saavy producers."

-Josh Millang
Millang Financial Group

"SAM assists me in empowering my advisors to control and manage their activity. It forms the basis for the "why" and "how" of basic appointment activity, prospecting and developing prospects to clients. The SAM team is a tremendous resource to assist us all in becoming great leaders."

-William J. Cuff
Managing Director, Prudential