The SAM Story



SAM’s mission is to inspire confidence and success and they have sold over 1 Million custom performance management and leadership tools.

After achieving considerable financial success (and building a large home in a prestigious suburb before the age of thirty), Mickey felt the calling to seek the secrets of success to grow his business and help newly hired producers. In 1995, he founded Sales Activity Management, Inc. (SAM) to help new producers get on track (achieve success) and veteran ones to stay on track (maintain success) by incorporating what he learned into customizable planners and scoreboarding software.

Today, they serve tens of thousands of clients annually with their paper and cloud-based tools as well as their new sales app plus coaching/training.

Mickey’s goal was always to “make a difference” in a producer’s career and the managers who lead them, especially with on-boarding, productivity and retention. But along the way, he created an industry and a movement built on American Ideals: Freedom and Personal Responsibility. Activity Management is based on the simple concept that “Activities produce results and only you control activity”.
President/Founder, Sales Activity Management, Inc. (1995 – Present)