Sales Activity Management, Inc. (SAM) was officially launched on April 15, 1995, after more than a year of testing the concept, tools and extensive research. It began as many companies do; out of a basement, and with a dream: to share an empowering concept that you cannot manage time, only activity.

Our company’s founder, Mickey Straub, started his career as a federal agent for two years and an insurance agent for fourteen, both which helped him develop the investigative skills that would be needed to become an entrepreneur. Taking the plunge at the height of his career, he was motivated by the desire to help fellow producers succeed and increase industry retention plus his desire to be good role model for his daughter to “practice what you preach and follow your dreams”. The two defining moments came when he asked his boss for help to be more focused and organized and was answered with a job threat; the other was when he realized that the concept of activity management was Biblically-based and could help make this world a better place.
President/Founder Mickey Straub with Jon O'Neal at the American National Conference.

Some industry leaders call Sales Activity Management “The Magic Bullet”. We call it “The Most Empowering Concept in the World”!

The first SAM Planners – or SAMBOOKs as clients nicknamed them – had a built-in sales system and were packaged in a 3-ring binder. Sales got off to a slow start until he collaborated with his first clients for a better solution: a spiral bound planner customized around their unique culture. SAM sold 500 spiral bound planners in the first 6 months, grew 40-50% annually for years and have sold well over 1 Million to date! SAMBOOK is a planner with a purpose: To Help Sales Professionals Succeed.

SAM’s digital activity management tools were designed during the pre-internet days and were called SAMTrack, but never took off. It was not until Mickey’s nephew, Tim Straub, joined the team and built the first web-based system of-its-kind called eScoreBoard that sales skyrocketed at the enterprise level. Today, SAM serves thousands of clients annually and is the only company in the world that provides both paper and digital activity management solutions customized around client needs.

In the early days, the company offered Sales Activity Management courses at three local community colleges through their continuing education departments. But interest in the paper and digital tools grew so quickly, they became the primary focus and the courses were discontinued. Realizing again that the “Power is in the Concept”, the company has come full-circle with the launching of this new website to inspire and educate and the build-out of some new courses.

Sales Activity Management is based on a simple truth: WE REAP WHAT WE SOW. Activities produce results and only you control activity; improve activity, and the results will follow. Embrace this strategy for success which is also based on American ideals – FREEDOM & PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY – and you will control the direction of your business and your life.
Due to supply chain logistics impacting all industries, the 2022 SAM Planner shipments have been delayed! Thank you for your patience!