SAM is the only provider of custom paper and cloud-based Activity Management tools in the world to build your business including SAM Planners (SAMBOOK™) and SAM Suite®.


SAM Planners™

The SAM Planner™ (nicknamed SAMBook by clients) is a unique self-management tool and the #1 Selling Planners in the Industry for both new and experienced producers!  It is not just a calendar book, it is a scorecard and business management tool designed in our trademark layout that can help you be more focused, organized and disciplined.

We primarily serve the insurance and financial services industry, but the concept and tools have no industry boundary lines and so do our planners.  Designed by and for the field for all levels of experience, over one million have been sold since 1995 when they were first created to make a difference in the industry. 

Mostly customized by company, we have had over 45 different versions including many popular standard versions like the Sales Activity Manager™ and Practice Manager™ plus the 555 Leadership Planner™ (for Recruiting/Managers).

Focused • Organized • Disciplined


Go after your GOALS in a whole new way with SAM Suite
. . . it has no equal!

Mini-Demo Quick Intro

What is SAM Suite

SAM Suite is not a CRM, it’s an RPM . . . a Revenue Performance Management platform for Producers, Managers and Teams…that helps you manage the Activities, Metrics and Goals (AMG) that drive performance.

Built by and for the financial services industry, this inspiring and empowering sales tool is feature-rich, synchronizes across phone and computer and is unlike any other product!

Sales Activity Management, Inc. is the only provider in the world of custom paper and digital Activity Management solutions to help sales professionals manage the activity and analytics that drive success. We pioneered this industry to empower Sales Professionals, promote American ideals and to make this world a better place.

This SaaS (Software-as-a-Solution) is Web
& App-Based, Scalable and Customizable.

SAM Suite® has two Modules:

Scoreboard Module (Numbers-driven)

– The ultimate performance measurement tool!
Nickname: SAMBOARD

Calendar/Pipeline Module (Names-driven)

– The digital version of our paper SAM Planners
Nickname: SAMBOOK App

SAMSuite Bundle

– Combines the power of both Modules into one platform!

SAM Suite®

for Remote Performance Management

Makes it easy to…Set Goals, Keep Score & Achieve More!

Enables an Agent / Advisor to:

  • Get more done in less time
  • Take control of the direction of your business & achieve your goals
  • Be more focused and disciplined with Revenue-producing Activities
  • Turn your Business into a Mathematical Equation!

Enables a Manager / Leader to:

  • Manage performance 
  • Inspect what you expect 
  • Track Leading Indicators
  • Make smart business decisions
  • Establish consistent systems/expectations
  • Drive per advisor productivity and build a High-performance culture
  • Identify biggest restrictions to growth 
  • Develop your future Leaders!

It’s not a CRM . . . it’s an RPM !

How much more can you EARN if you Spend Your TIME Wisely?

SAM Suite plans range from $15 - $30/User (Monthly) to $150 - $300/User (Annually)

Due to supply chain logistics impacting all industries, the 2022 SAM Planner shipments have been delayed! Thank you for your patience!