SAM TOOLS | Sales Activity Management

The power is in the concept, but the SAM Tools and System bring it to life!

SAM Planners™

The SAM Planner™ (nicknamed SAMBook by clients) is a unique self-management tool and the #1 Selling Planners in the Industry for both new and experienced producers!  It is not just a calendar book, it is a scorecard and business management tool designed in our trademark layout that can help you be more focused, organized and disciplined.

We primarily serve the insurance and financial services industry, but the concept and tools have no industry boundary lines and so do our planners.  Designed by and for the field for all levels of experience, over one million have been sold since 1995 when they were first created to make a difference in the industry. 

Mostly customized by company, we now have over 45 different versions including many popular standard versions like the Sales Activity Manager™ and Practice Manager™  plus the 555 Leadership Planner™ (for Recruiting/Managers).

Focused • Organized • Disciplined


eScoreBoard® is a cloud-based performance measurement system that helps producers measure and monitor what matters most so that they can use key metrics to drive business and achieve goals.  It is a Self-Management and Leadership tool designed to help Producers, Producer Groups, Managers, Coaches and Home Office Leaders collaborate for success.

eScoreBoard® can be used independently or with our SAM Planner, as well as individually or to manage a producer group or unit. Thousands of new and experienced producers use it as a vital business management tool annually and it is the centerpiece of the SAM System™.  Contact us for more details!

Cloud-based • Collaborative • Customizable

How many referrals are you averaging weekly?  •  What is your closing ratio?

How are you going to know if you don't keep score?

eDashBoard - for Recruiting

eDashBoard™ - for Recruiting is a names-driven, collaborative candidate tracking tool that is Easy-to-use, Cloud-based and Mobile-friendly.  It allows you and your managers to easily evaluate candidates and track their progress across all three stages of recruiting:

  • Interviewing (Connect)
  • On-boarding (Hire)
  • Producing (Retain)

eDashBoard™ - for Recruiting is the only linear pipeline management system and scoreboard of-its-kind to help you focus on progress and it is customizable around your recruiting process. Let us help you…

  • Manage the Recruiting Process
  • Identify Ideal Candidates
  • Keep Score

Focus on Progress™


For years, our clients have been asking us, “Can you put your planners online?”  Well, we finally did! 

Introducing the SAMBook™ APP  - the only electronic calendar that looks like a book!  It doesn’t just look like our planners, it acts like them…from the look of the week-at-a-glance pages to how it keeps score across the bottom.  SAMBook™ also automatically populates your pipeline management forms in the back, too! 

Ask us for details about this exciting new business building tool which may just revolutionize electronic calendaring!

All SAM Tools are customizable and available separately or together, as part of The SAM System™. It's a repeatable process that puts you in control and leads to sustained success.

SAM puts you in control! We take a holistic, process-oriented approach and provide all the resources you need to implement a goal and activity-based business management system for producers, managers and home office leaders. In many ways, it's like financial planning for a practice. It's never too late to be more focused, organized and disciplined...and collaborate for success.