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Intro to Sales Activity Management


We reap what we sow


Why Keep Score?

Keeping Score is a chore…so Why Keep Score? Let’s take a look at what could happen if you do!

The Power is in the Concept

The Power of Activity Management…is in the Concept

Succeed on Purpose

Holding people accountable creates a win for everyone

Five Little Words

They may be just five little words, but they are five of the most powerful words

Have I got NEWS for you

For seven years, I have been meaning to finish an article about how I got rid of my lower back pain and summarize it in a way that would be easy for people to remember.

The TEN Commitments

Leaders have a duty to follow through on promises, to do the best, be their best, and bring out the best in others. They have a responsibility to build confidence, and to provide a clear road map and guidance.

Mileage & Expense Records

This will provide you with a location to record miles driven for appointments and any expenses related to them for each month of the year.

Memory Jogger List

This will provide you with a list of all aspects of your life from Hobbies to your Centers of Influence where you can ask for Referrals within your network.

Money In Motion Questions

This will provide you with a list of leading questions to ask clients and prospects in an attempt to gain referral opportunities…Probing Questions.

Travel Information

This will provide you with a list of the most common hotels and airlines (including phone numbers, websites and account info) to contact them.

Frequently Called Numbers

This is your rolodex A - Z. This will allow you to keep track of all your frequent contacts if you prefer to write them down.

Frequent Contacts List

This will provide you with a location to record all the contacts you reach out to the most in one location.

Practice Manager™

This versatile planner can be used by all Agents/Advisors. It is the only planner in existence that enables producers to track activities and income from all financial products (including plans sold and fees)! Download the Planner Getting Started Guide.

S.A.M. for Insurance & Financial Services Professionals

The Sales Activity Manager for Insurance and Financial Services Professionals is more than just a calendar book, it's a scorecard, productivity and coaching tool designed with tremendous input from leaders in the industry. Download the Planner Getting Started Guide.
Due to COVID the 2022 Planners should start shipping November 1st!