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Step 1: Lead with the Concept

  • 30%

Step 1: Lead with the Concept

  • 30%
It all starts with learning and embracing the concept of ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT which is based on a simple truth: Activities produce results and only you control activity; improve activities, and the results will follow. Your income depends on it: WE REAP WHAT WE SOW.

Some industry leaders call ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT “The Magic Bullet”; we call it “The Most Empowering Concept in the World”. It applies to both new and experienced producers and it puts you in control of your business.
Time Management is a misnomer; you cannot manage time, only ACTIVITY.

Embrace Activity Management with this Responsibility Pledge:

Responsibility Pledge

I am responsible for my actions and accountable for the results whatever they may be. Today, I pledge to doing my best, inspiring others and optimizing my time and activity.


“We all have the power to ACHIEVE great things... because WE REAP WHAT WE SOW!"

Mickey Straub, Founder, Sales Activity Management, Inc.

Wait You're Not Finished

The power is in the concept, but the SAM Tools bring the power to life. You can set goals and keep score from memory, but WHY?