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Step 2: Build the Culture

Your Producers are encouraged to Embrace the Concept, learn about the SAM Tools and to Take Action, including The SAM Challenge. We hope that you are already familiar with how we introduce all sales professionals to the Concept and the Tools. If not, be sure to review the Producer tabs on this website?

There are three components of an effective Sales Activity Management system that producers can implement in their own practice that are even more necessary in leadership to build a positive, high-performance culture. Coincidentally, we use the same SAM acronym to outline these intangible tools – Systems, Accountability and Metrics – which the SAM Tools will help you implement.


To help you get started, here's an overview accompanied by “SAM Treasures”, complimentary resources applicable to each component:


“We all have the power to ACHIEVE great things... because WE REAP WHAT WE SOW!"

Mickey Straub, Founder, Sales Activity Management, Inc.

Due to COVID the 2022 Planners should start shipping November 1st!

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The SAM Coaching System has three steps to help you transfer your skills and build the high-performance culture needed…to Help Producers Succeed.