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Step 3: Implement the SAM Coaching System

Studies have shown that 80% of independent businesses fail in their first four years, but 80% of franchised businesses succeed. Why? Because…Franchises have proven systems in place that are consistent, predictable and don’t leave success to chance!

The SAM Coaching System has three steps to help you transfer your skills and build the high-performance culture needed…to Help Producers Succeed:

  • Collect data that is accurate and timely
  • Assess performance for strengths and opportunities
  • Coach to build confidence and provide solutions
Remember, most sales professionals don’t fail because of what they don’t know; they fail because of what they don’t do. The SAM Coaching System helps you help them – Do and Be – their Best!

All SAM Tools are customizable and available separately or together, as part of The SAM System™. It's a repeatable process that puts you in control and leads to sustained success.

Systems build Habits, and habits build careers...Contact us for Details


“We all have the power to ACHIEVE great things... because WE REAP WHAT WE SOW!"

Mickey Straub, Founder, Sales Activity Management, Inc.

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The power is in the concept, but the SAM Tools bring the power to life. You can set goals and keep score from memory, but WHY?