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We invite you to take the SAM Challenge for 1 week...but it could last a lifetime!!

What is the SAM CHALLENGE?

The SAM Challenge is a tool and a free opportunity to help you develop the Habits of High Achievers to control the direction of your business and achieve your goals.

It’s a challenge for 5 days to SET GOALS & KEEP SCORE of 3 Sales Activity Metrics:


Sign up and we do the rest, including daily texts, emails, motivational messages and more to help you stay focused and motivated. Only you control your activity and the SAM Challenge will help develop habits that could last a lifetime!

The SAM Challenge is Free – but it’s not Easy to set goals and keep score daily! Try it for one week and see how it helps you control your business and achieve your goals?

A new SAM Challenge begins every Monday!


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Due to COVID the 2022 Planners should start shipping November 1st!