Sales Activity Management is proud to work with many leaders across the Financial Services Industry. Below is a list of several Top Coaches, or Companies we feel very stongly about who thrive to help the industry grow!

The Laurito Group

About the Laurito Group

For 20+ years, John Laurito, CFP, ChFC, CRPC, has been leading organizations in the financial services industry. John has developed a reputation as a turnaround expert with 4 successful and dramatic transformations of organizations. These included leading the 100th ranked (out of 110) Ameriprise office in Hartford, CT to #1 in the country and taking the Boston agency of Penn Mutual from last in national ranking to winning the prestigious President’s Award twice and Excellence Award three times. He currently speaks on stages worldwide on the topic of leadership and is the host of Tomorrow’s Leader podcast.

The Intro Machine

About The Intro Machine

Sales is an activity game, the greatest determinator of success. Get to three kept appointments per day, you have a coin flip chance of hitting MDRT and above. The source of all activity is having people to call, and the most efficient and profitable way is through Introductions.

SAMUSA has aligned with The Intro Machine, Inc. to help you generate many more Introductions (referrals) to put through your sales process, to front load the raw material for building your business.

More Introductions = More Activity = More Sales

Building an Introduction Based Business will reduce your stress and increase your revenue in less time. The key components are enhancing your Skill Set, your Will Set, and systematically using Tools. The Intro Machine will provide you these and more: language, motivation, Introduction Questions, Guidance on how to use all of them to drive your business to a level that you’ve never experienced.

SAMUSA users get a 10% discount on their subscription for The Intro Machine, a tool that could double your business. Just click the button below to start your subscription, to start running your Introduction Machine to increase your activity and get more sales.

Morris Sims Training

About Morris Sims Training

Morris Sims has spent the last 32 years perfecting the art of leadership. The pinnacle of his experience was achieved while training salespeople and managers. In tandem, Morris studied himself, and honed his craft. This experience developed his art into a series of books, seminars, workshops, and more. Now his business offers you these tools to become a more influential leader. Apply the practical ideas Morris provides now!

Walter Bond

About Walter Bond

A fire, a passion, accountability, a spark; something that’s been keeping you from dynamic growth, and next-level success.

If you’re looking for a fiery keynote address to reignite the passion in your business and inspire high performing, unified teams, you’ll find what you’re looking for in one of Walter’s four show-stopping keynotes for motivation, accountability, and leadership.

Pro Brilliance Leadership Institute

About Pro Brilliance Leadership Institute

For almost a quarter century Machen MacDonald has dedicated himself to helping business owners, sales professionals, financial advisers, and financial services executives discover their purpose and help them align their focus to achieve dramatic and measurable improvements both in business and in life.

His ability to develop systems, based on his clients’ mental and emotional foundation, for creating immediate and lasting change has made him a recognized expert in the world of coaching and peak performance.

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