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Activity management is the key to success and Sales activity management is the key to sales success for individual producers and sales teams.  It is a goal-achievement strategy built into all SAM Tools that helps YOU create a provable and repeatable formula for success. 

Sales activity management is defined as “the empowering strategy of identifying, managing and measuring your high-payoff sales activities to control the direction of your business and improve efficiency, effectiveness and results.”  It is based on three simple principles: 

  • Sales is a Numbers Game
  • Quality activities produce quality results
  • What gets measured tends to get done, and improve

Time Management is a Misnomer

You cannot manage Time…only how you spend it.  In other words, you can only manage Activity.  Whether it’s your physical activity at the health club, playing a sport of musical instrument, reading, studying, cooking, painting, running, walking or performing the right sales activities, what impacts results the most is not how much time has passed, it is how you spent it.  At best, Time Management is a Misnomer, since you can’t buy it or sell it, store it or steal it, nor speed it up or slow it down; and you certainly can’t manage it…all you can do is spend it.  Activity is the only thing you can manage and control.  

We Reap What We Sow

Activity management is empowering and inspires confidence because only one person is in control of your activities, YOU; and since activities produce results and YOU control activity, YOU have the freedom to achieve any result and control your own success.  It promotes personal responsibility and is based on the simple premise that We Reap What We Sow; and the better you SOW (Activity) – the more you REAP (Rewards).  Activity Management is about freedom…and it puts you in control. 

Pros Keep Score

The pros in every profession keep score, as does anyone serious about mastering their game!  Among those tracked, Professional golfers know how many Fairways Hit off-the-Tee, Greens in Regulation and Average Putts; Tennis pros keep score of the percentage of first serves in, as well as their number of Aces, Winners and even Double Faults. Team sports, especially, track the vital statistics individually, like RBIs, Home Runs and Strikeouts in Baseball and Football, there’s always Average Yards Gained, Passing Average, Interceptions and Touch Down Passes.  The list goes on!

When it comes to business, have you ever noticed the greeter at WalMart who asks you if they can help you?  They are not just being helpful; they are keeping score of the number of customers who enter the store!  Bath & Body Works does it electronically to also track the Sales Ratio. Walgreens is said to even track Average Profit per Customer Visit.  In the end, the old adage applies: Sales is a Numbers Game.

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